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Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity

The onset of labor continues to mark the start of a high-risk period for both mother and baby that does not ease until at least 48 hours after birth. During this short period of time, an estimated 145,000 maternal deaths, 1.45 million neonatal deaths, and 1.2 million stillbirths occur annually.
For the mother, the critical conditions occurring during pregnancy, labor, and delivery include hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders such as preeclampsia and eclampsia, serious infections, and obstructed labor.
For the newborn, the critical conditions occurring after birth are serious infections (sepsis, meningitis, pneumonia, and diarrhea), intrapartum-related deaths (primarily “birth asphyxia”), complications of preterm birth, and metabolic conditions (hypothermia, hypoglycemia, etc.)

Important causes of stillbirth include intrapartum asphyxia, maternal and antepartum hemorrhage, fetal infection, obstructed labor, Rhesus disease, and birth defects, especially neural tube defects.
All of these can either be prevented or mitigated by prompt access to quality medical care provided by primary care physicians (KompleteCare ambassadors) across Africa.

KompleteCare provides the following solutions:

  • Pregnant women and their families can now have quick access to quality health care anywhere and anytime
  • Pregnant women can now have supervised antenatal care, delivery and postpartum care provided by primary care physicians with referral to Obstetricians when necessary.
  • Maternal and Neonatal mortality can now be reduced by the removal of the bottle neck of delay in seeking care, delay in getting to healthcare facility and delay within health care facility.
  • Pregnant women and their families can now enjoy personalized healthcare and be satisfied with unfettered access to primary care experts.
  • All these and much more are available to pregnant women and their families at a click.
  • At a click, pregnant women and their families can have online video/audio consultation with medical experts anywhere and anytime.
  • At a click, pregnant women and their families can request for a primary care physician to come to their homes and provide maternal health care including disease prevention, health maintenance and early intervention to manage disease conditions. Newborn babies also receive expert care.
  • Pregnant women can now have access to hospital care without delay by using to book appointment to see a doctor.
  • All these are available at an affordable cost.
Hospital Consultations
General Consultation
General Consultation
  • Description:
  • For low and lower middle socioeconomic status patient/client. With this product, a patient/client after registering on Kompletecare™ online platform will request for an appointment to see a Doctor on a certain time and day.
Private Consultation
Private Consultation
  • Description:
  • This follows the same process as the general consultation except that a value has been added by advancing the patient’s folder or electronically scheduled consultation beyond the medical records level to the nurses’ station level.
Premium Consultation
Premium Consultation
  • Description:
  • This service is designed for the upper socioeconomic customer segment and follows the same process as above except that there is an additional value of escalating the patient’s folder or electronically scheduled appointment to the consulting room in the Amenity clinic, intramural clinic or retainer-ship clinic of the hospital. The patient walks straight to the consulting room where the doctor who confirmed availability when the patient requested for the online consultation is already waiting
Other Services
Online Medical Consultation
Online Medical Consultation
  • Description:
  • This may be audio (phone consultation) or video on the Kompletecare™ platform. This service will afford personalized consultation including health education, disease prevention, and expert advice on immediate home-based care or first aid before hospital visit and health maintenance by dedicated consultant Family Physicians. This customized health care at a click affords the patient the opportunity to seek second opinion from experts on medical issues and serves as a link to our quick access to hospital care. It is also useful for quick advice on what to do in health emergency 24/7.

Home based Consultation (Premium)
Home based Consultation
  • Description:
  • This is a premium product for the upper socioeconomic class and middle class customer segment for non-emergency medical conditions. Also for the elderly population who may have a hard time waiting in long queues in the hospital. Patient/client requests for home based consultation just as in the premium hospital appointment. We bring your healthcare to you! It also serves as a link to our premium hospital care. Kompletecare™ minimum home-based package can be delivered at this level.
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